Managed Services

Although our current focus is on software development, the company was originally established as an Internet Service Provider. This afforded us the skill set and infrastructure to provide additional, service-oriented solutions to our existing customers.

Through various key projects and the great working relationship we have with existing customers we have been  involved in finding ways for deploying or integrating our iCAM solutions in non-traditional scenarios. These projects have afforded us the opportunity to research and develop a wide range of solutions for the benefit of our customers who have been unable to find appropriate or practical solutions for themselves.

Such projects include system image creation, project research and development, large scale image deployments, bespoke software development and hosted services, as well as sourcing software and hardware components. We have also delivered internet traffic filtering solutions alongside some of our existing products and have worked with customers on projects for mobile working and telecommunications provision for incident support vehicles for the emergency services.


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Hosting Services

Involves Insight Media hosting the server side components of iCAM solutions, to ease the load on your existing network and server hardware.

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Public PC Refresh

Assisting customers to create new system images, rollout new applications and hardware for their public access service.

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People's Network Services

Working with customers to review and evaluate their public access service to deliver enhancements and efficiencies.

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