The iCAM i-Kiosk software can be deployed on Insight Media Hardware or a customer’s existing self service hardware  to reduce staff time by allowing the public to manage their own PC bookings, make payments and release their print jobs.

The Insight Media i-Kiosk hardware is based around a touch screen interface which offers an innovative way of allowing borrowers to browse PC availability in the library or at nearby sites and select a computer to book, whilst also allowing them to view and pay for their printed documents. However, as the i-Kiosk is designed to run alongside existing iCAM modules, staff continue to remain in control.

The payment kiosk  includes a barcode reader, receipt printer, note and coin accepter with a reject facility and  change. There are also options for Chip and PIN card and contactless payments. The i-Kiosk application interface can be branded and customised to promote customer services and reflect existing branding guidelines.

Integration with RFID and Self Service equipment

In addition to our own i-Kiosk combined hardware and software solution, Insight Media can provide the iCAM i-Kiosk application as an integrated option on third party kiosks.  We are working with the main UK RFID Self Service Kiosks public library suppliers (2CQR, Bibliotheca and D-Tech) to provide integration of our mutual products.  The key objective is to allow our customers to reduce the amount of time and effort involved by staff taking money and thereby maximising on their investments in RFID / self-service equipment and achieving cost efficiencies. Handling payments for iCAM through the customers’ existing kiosk payment peripherals and offering cash, debit and credit card and contactless options provides greater flexibility and customer choice.

iKiosk Modules

i-Kiosk Print Release Station

Allows users to manage, pay for and release their own documents. The software allows users to edit the number of copies, change the destination printer and remove unwanted pages. Users add their required documents to a basket and, once happy, make payment at which point their documents are printed.

i-Kiosk Booking Station

Allows users to make their own advanced bookings and edit or cancel their existing bookings. The interface allows users to select their library from a map and even choose an individual PC from a site floor plan.

i-Kiosk Availability Station

Designed to allow library visitors to quickly view the availability of all Peoples' Network PCs in a single site at a glance. Using a floor plan of the library, PCs are clearly displayed as either available or in use and can be selected and reserved by users.

i-Kiosk Subscriptions Station

Used in conjunction with Workstation Control's subscriptions functionality for those environments that charge for use of the Peoples' Network. This module allows borrowers to manage their subscriptions account allowing them to view their current balance and top up their account.


Key Features

  • Self service printing and PC bookings.
  • Small footprint.
  • Real-time integration with LMS for user validation (SIP2 / Web Services).
  • Change dispenser (optional).
  • Customisable interface to promote library services.
  • Detailed auditing and reporting.


  • Reduce staff involvement managing public printing and bookings.
  • Reduce queues at desk.
  • Provide enhanced self service functionality for your users.
  • Raise the profile of your library.