Resource Control

Resource Control

iCAM Resource Control is a computerised booking and allocation system designed to help manage the shared use of available resources such as meeting rooms, study rooms, laptops and AV equipment.

Using an intuitive calendar layout, staff can clearly see which resources have been allocated and to whom, along with which resources are available now and which are due to be returned soon. The software will also warn staff when resources are overdue and provide further warnings at the start and end of each day when resources have failed to be returned. Staff may also use this calendar to issue, pre-book or return resources.

By integrating with your Library Management System, iCAM Resource Control is able to use real-time borrower information, helping to prevent the allocation of valuable resources to blocked users or children. 

*If you are looking for a solution that will manage Peoples' Network computer resources then iCAM Workstation Control is a more appropriate solution.


Key Features

  • Real-time integration with LMS for user validation (SIP2) including warnings about blocked users.
  • Display availability of resources to authorised personnel.
  • Streamline reservation procedures and prevent the double booking of resources.
  • Quickly issue a resource using simple hot keys.
  • Manage resource availability and access based on site opening times.
  • Detailed auditing and utilisation reports allow the resource demand to be carefully monitored.
  • Configurable holidays and opening times by time of year.
  • Configurable usage limits to help implement an effective fair usage policy for in-demand items such as laptops and study rooms.
  • Ability to define default, minimum and maximum usage durations for resources or types of resource.
  • Manage how far in advance a booking can be made.


  • Prevent the allocation of expensive resources to users blocked through your LMS.
  • Improve efficiency and control of resource allocation.
  • Makes allocation and pre-booking of resources easier using an intuitive graphical staff interface.
  • Allow web based reservations for authorised users.
  • Better understand resource demands with detailed management information and reporting.