Wireless Access Control

Wireless Access Control

iCAM Wireless Access Control (WAC) can be implemented as a standalone solution to provide a complete wireless hotspot for users in public environments or integrated with an existing public wireless solution to provide an enhanced solution.  The standalone option includes a combined hardware and software packaged solution implemented as a hosted and managed service using Insight Media’s data centre.

The option for integration with existing libraries’ public access wireless networks offers an enriched solution including controlling access via a login portal or login interface using authentication with the organisation’s Library Management System (LMS). LMS WAC authentication helps provide greater security and joined up integration with your systems, and eliminates the necessity to maintain separate databases of users. This provides enhanced wireless usage control and management information, and with some existing solutions we can offer a whole range of additional features and functionality to improve your services.


Key Features

  • Real-time integration with LMS for user validation (SIP2 / XML / LCF)
  • Manage access times, number of sessions and session duration
  • Integrated option or independent from your network infrastructure
  • Web interface for staff to monitor hotspot usage
  • Management information and reporting


  • Raise the profile of your library and attract new users
  • Increase visitors to your library by extending the services you offer
  • Encourage library membership
  • Support mobile working for staff